Areas of London covered by TheFitnessGuru.London

We operate primarily in the very centre of London, e.g. in and around the following locations;

  1. Tower Bridge
  2. London Bridge
  3. Southbank
  4. Westminster
  5. West End / Mayfair
  6. City of London
  7. Blackfriars

We can consider other areas of London in and around the above, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Options for Personal Training Sessions

In a London Park [most popularfor outdoor fitness training]
Within the areas we operate.

Outdoor / Open Spaces Around London
Amazing sites/locations! Tower Bridge, the South Bank all the way to Westminster next to the river has a lot of amazing open spaces, sites and scenery.

Popular with those who want more privacy or have to stay at home making it an extremely convenient option.

Popular with City of London workers, most have corporate gyms we can use or open spaces. This option is also popular becuase you dont lose any of your break time to travel to and from gyms.

Great if on a budget, most popular for supplementing face to face sessions or when face to face is not possible (e.g. travelling, holidays) to keep fitness levels up and mainting all that hard work.

Occasionaly, some clients want to workout in a gym setting, the options are home gym, workplace gym, a gym you are a member of (inviting the personal trainer as a guest) or using one of the facilties available to our personal trainers. Please dicuss gym usage before booking, there may be additional costs involved, or your gym faciltiy may require permissions.


Checkout some recent posts of clients at a local gym, online, group in the park.

Our clients love that they can pick and choose when, where and how they train! some clients enjoy mixing it up too by supplmenting in-person training with on-line. All is possible with