One to One Personal Training sessions are the best way to achieve your goals, in addition, one to one training has many more benefits, see below. These sessions can be done at your pace for your personal fitness levels and are completely tailored to you, they can be done where you want as well, no need to worry about others and their locations and availablity.

Join the greatest one to one personal training in London for a fantastic fitness adventure that will transform your previous unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one. Fitnessguru's top priority is to create an experience that is both distinctive and convenient for you.

If you're searching for a completely concentrated session that's primarily put together with your aims and requirements in mind, this program might be the ideal fit for you. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will ensure that your sessions are always carried out with excellent technique and that your regimen is fully tailored to your needs.

Our personal training one to one sessions certify and warrant to be the best in the market which will give you scope to attain your goals in fitness indoors or outdoors quickly and with exceptional form.

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The benefits you gain from one 2 one personal training

These one 2 one personal training sessions are created specifically for you, with the best possible outcomes. Our trainers will keep you motivated when needed and help ensure that you complete your regimen without giving up and run to the finish line. Whether your goal is to be healthy, become stronger or get into shape, our one on one personal training provides the right type of fitness regimen and professional guidance to help you get there:

  1. Proper technique and form
  2. Less chance of injury
  3. Achieve goals and objectives quicker
  4. Motivation and increased intesity
  5. Variety in training for continual progression
  6. Personalised training at your pace and ability
  7. Expert advice and guidance for both training programs and nutrition
  8. Overcome injury, repetitive routines and plateaus
  9. Develop long term healthy habits
  10. Apply what you learn for your own sessions



We have created convenient session packages just for you and hope you choose what is the most fitting for your fitness journey at Fitnessguru. Our one-on-one personal training is certainly what you need.

You will benefit from our one 2 one personal training sessions dedicated to all the people who want to be comfortable in their surroundings while simultaneously achieving their goals. If you are wondering about a one to one personal training near me then no need to worry, our sittings are the best out there that conveniently can be customized to your requirements.

Single Session
£100 each
Up to 10 Sessions
£75 each
Up to 20 Sessions
£70 each
Over 20 Sessions

Some clients  working our one-on-one personal training