The advantages and the relationship between physical excercise and the wellbeing of employees, and the benefits to employers is well studied and understood, a number of research papers published (see sources below) has been published over the years so dont just take our word for it. It is important to understand the difference between 'fitness' and 'wellness' when creating strategies that will benefit both employee and employer.

What is fitness and wellness?

We are not doctors here at the FitnessGuru London, but in plain english, fitness is about the state of an individuals health pyhsically and their ability to perform daily physical tasks, sports or their occupation. Wellness on the other hand covers a broad range of health related aspects of an individuals life such as developing healthy habits both physically and mentally. There is a link between fitness and wellness, a physically fit person is often mentally healthier, at the same time, a person with a balanced life as part of their wellness will often lead to being fitter from the healthy habits developed.


What are the Benefits of introducing fitness for wellness programs for the employee and employers?

Fitness training as part of corporate "wellness" and "wellbeing" programs has advantages for both employee and employer according to research. We outline some of the benefits below based on that research (references below).

Here are some benefits for the employee

  1. Wellness programs do "improve the health" of the employees.
  2. Prompts healthy habits at work
  3. Decrease Absenteeism
  4. Positive behavioural change
  5. Improved health and motivation
  6. Proven increased positivity and "mental wellbeing"
  7. Employees are less likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases.
  8. Regular physical activity "boost creative thinking"
  9. Opportunity to break the barriers and build interpersonal relations

Here are some benefits for the employer

  1. Boost overall company morale and wellness
  2. Corporate solutions help to "manage stress, anxiety", and other mental health conditions
  3. Visible daily reminder of the focus on staff welfare
  4. Reduced healthcare costs
  5. Cutting insurance, absenteeism, and additional health-related costs
  6. Reach a higher rate of employees at work and reduce abuse of sick leaves
  7. Can Help Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention
  8. Improved performance of the employees
  9. Companies with wellness programs show a "higher level of employee job satisfaction" and engagement

What we do for the employees when they train with our personal fitness trainers

TheFitnessGuru.London can provide fitness training online or on-site to supplement your Wellness / Wellbeing Programs. Training sessions can be tailored to suit the employees regardless of age, fitness levels and ability. Each fitness workout is structured with;

  1. warm-up
  2. a balanced workout and;
  3. cool-down.

In terms of specifics for workouts, these will be tailored for the individuals taking part in fitness training be it "one to one personal training" of "group fitness training". Please click the links for more details on each.

Lets dicuss your requirements and start the journey to healthier employee and employer!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote below so that we can help create a package for you based on your goals and objectives. Every organisation is different and has diferrent strategies as well as employees with various physical fitness levels and capabilities.

Corporate Sessions


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