Group fitness workouts are a great way to get fit and healthy without having to think or plan. Research has shown that working out in small groups with friends, family and collegues is not only more motivating and pushes everyone to workout harder, they leave sessions feeling positive making it a benefit both physically and mentally. Another big advantage is you get a qualified personal fitness trainer and if you train outdoors, research shows more additional benefits. Group training with the FitnessGuru in London is the gift that keeps on giving.

Big classes at the gym cannot match a group led training workout as they are often over subscribed and the instructor cannot afford everyone the time for attention to detail. With our group workouts, you get that attention, we accomodate each individuals capabilities and fitness levels and ensure correct technique and posture plus a bunch more benefits too, read on below for the benefits of a qualified personal trainer led group fitness workout below.


How do you structure a group fitness workout?

Each personal fitness training session is structured with the following;

  1. a warm-up
  2. a balanced workout and;
  3. a cool-down

Group training workouts are personalised for the group, this is not a one size fits all approach and is "not a class", but an "experienced" and "qualified" personal fitness trainer that leads the session who can accomodate differing fitness levels and capabilities.

Some of the benefits from having group sessions

  1. You get a "qualified fitness expert" giving you Support and Advice and access to their knoweldge and experience
  2. There is a "lower risk of injury", small groups can afford personal attention unlike large gym classes
  3. Motivation, there's camaraderie between participants which is "extremely motivaiting"
  4. The PT adds huge variety to your workout which is essential for progression and improvement
  5. It's great for everyone, the PT can allow for diffreent fitness and ability levels in the group
  6. You don't have to know what you are doing
  7. You are more likely to push yourself harder with a PT and friends/colleuges and motiviate eachother
  8. Friendly Competition, working towards improvemtns and success together
  9. Personal Attention, in smaller groups you get plenty of attention as opposed to large gym classes where attention is limited

Is group fitness training available near me?

If your in central London then yes it is, you can have group fitness workouts with the FitnessGuru London. Check out our sites and locations for more info. Training outdoors in some of central London's iconic sites and locations is super motivating and will leave you feeling great.


Pricing for Group Sessions

Our group fitness workout sessions have a more affordable price-point, for example, if you book a single session for £100 and have 4 people attend, thats just £25 each!.

You can pay as go with single sessions, or you can take advantage of block booking sessions, see below. We have designed our service just for you so that you are in complete control and can train anywhere and anytime with the goals and objectives of your choice.

Single Group Session
£100 each
Up To 10 Group Sessions
£90 each
Up To 20 Group Sessions
£80 each
Over 20 Group Session

Some of our Clients Training in our Group fitness workouts