The online personal training in UK sessions we supply ensures to provide you with a well tailored regime to accustom your requirements. Online personal training in London can be done at the convenience of your own home or any place you choose to attend the session.










Some of the benefits with Online personal training sessions with a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer

  1. You get a qualified professional giving you advice and guidance and ensuring correct technique while reducing the chance of injury.
  2. You get motivation and the full attention of the personal trainer
  3. If you prefer to communicate digitally, online is going to suit you becuase its easy
  4. Online training is more affordable as your not paying for the Personal Trainer to travel to and from your location
  5. You can supplement in-person training with online to maximise the benefits.
  6. You can continue to train while travelling or on holiday/vacation ensuring you keep up fitness levels and not lose all that hard work.
  7. The results are the same.


Is Online Personal Training Effective?

This is a question which is asked very often when a fitness journey is initially planned, and the answer to this question is YES. Online personal training is as effective and worthwhile as an in person personal training, if not more.


How Online Personal Training Works

It implements necessary regimes and schedules to train your body at your own comfort and ease without you having to worry about the results. It imparts the advantage of getting individual attention and assistance from your own personal trainer.

If you are wondering about online personal training in UK and how to start, you've come to the right place!

Fitnessguru is based in London and is the finest in the market. We have the top-tier, celebrity-like training experiences and our sessions are very flexible which allows choosing one according to your requirements and achieve the goal of getting stronger, healthy and fit.



These online personal training sessions are tailored according to your fitness pace and fitness level for a smooth experience without any difficulties. Having a professional personal training session is extremely convenient, so you can do all your training routines at the comfort of your home. Indoors or outdoors it's your preference and we respect that. We strive to provide our customers with the best ever training experience possible so that you choose us again.

Get the best customized training sessions at affordable price. You can pay as go with single sessions, or you can take advantage of block booking sessions, see below.

Single Online Session
£70 each
Up to 10 Online Sessions
£65 each
Up to 20 Online Sessions
£60 each
Over 20 Online Sessions

Some clients working and training remotely.